Starting a Business (ENTR 2200) – S2 – O’Neill CVI


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This course will cover a wide variety of topics for those interested in starting, or seeking employment in, a small
business. The course will capture the entrepreneurial spirit, and students will get first-hand exposure to the benefits
and drawbacks of starting a new business and being your own boss. Issues pervasive in small businesses such as
spotting trends or taking advantage of niche business opportunities will be discussed and factored into class
exercises. Students will have the opportunity to practice start-up skills through feasibility analysis, the idea pitch,
defining markets, targeting customers, operations, and deciding on which type of business to start. The ability to
maintain and sustain operations of a small business will be experienced with particular attention to budgeting,
forecasting, and cash management. In this course, students will have an authentic opportunity to test their
entrepreneurial skills through a real business venture.

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O'Neill CVI

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