Preparing for Academic Success (PREP 1300) – S2 – Grove – Anderson


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Preparing for Academic Success is designed to help students discover who they are as learners and as active agents of their own post-secondary journey. This highly participatory course invites students to define what academic and career success means to them through self-reflection and planning exercises. Students are also invited to cultivate strategies and techniques that will help them to develop critical thinking, informational literacy, goal setting, active reading, note taking, test preparatory, time- and self-management skills. This course presents opportunities for students to connect with Durham College’s services and resources to enhance their post-secondary experience. The ultimate goal of Preparing for Academic Success is to help students effectively identify and clarify skills, attitudes, and outlooks that help bridge the gaps between academic achievement, campus and community connections, and life after school, including personal and professional aspirations. Through various activities, application, and reflection, the material covered in this course should support and assist students in their other post-secondary courses.

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Grove - Anderson

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