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Registering for a Dual Credit Course

1. Have you registered for your Dual Credit course? If not, please follow these instructions: Go to Start by clicking on “Find Your School”. 2. Then find your school board and click on the drop down menu to find your High School. 3. Click on the course that you are enrolling in. 4. Click “Apply Now” to register for the Dual Credit course. A description of the course and course outline are also available on this page. You will need your OEN (Ontario Education Number) to fill out your registration form. If you do not have this number please check with your teacher. When filling out the application be sure to use your full legal name, as it appears on your Health Card as well as your full address. If you have a preferred name you can enter it on the preferred name line. Once you have completed the application click submit at the bottom of the page. Please note that registration process could take several days once you have filled out the registration form.

How to Login to MyCampus

How to Login to MyCampus Before logging into MyCampus you will need your Fleming College student number. Please ask your College faculty or Dual Credit Coordinator to help you with this. Once you have your number you can then follow the steps below to obtain your username and password.  Within the myCampus portal, the following menu items will be of most interest to you; My Courses (D2L) – view and submit assignments, complete quizzes, review course materials and track grades in your Dual Credit course My Course Outlines – view, print or save course outlines to submit when applying a Dual Credit course to a College program Email – access student email account through Microsoft Office 365 Grades – Dual Credit grades will be available after the course is complete  At, click on “myCampus”Find the “New to Fleming College” section and select the “Get Started!” Button Enter your Student Number and Date of Birth. Click “Continue”  Your Username will be displayed as well as your default password Return to myCampus login page and log in using this information

Navigating the Portal

From here, you can use the side panel links to access such items as your Fleming Email, Desire2Learn (D2L) and My Student Centre. My Courses (D2L). This is where you will find information and documents regarding your Dual Credit classes. Your assignments and grades will also be posted here. Email My Student Centre

Navigating D2L

Watch this video below for learn more about navigating D2L Brightspace

Watch this video below to learn more about navigating course content on D2L

Role of Dual Credit Faculty

As a Dual Credit student, you will be supported by Dual Credit faculty. The role of the faculty is to deliver course content, while working closely with your secondary school teacher to ensure your success in the course. Taking a Dual Credit course gives you a great opportunity to adjust to the college learning environment and grants you access to college resources and supports. At the end of your course, your Dual Credit faculty will ensure your high school teacher and school board receive your final grades. You can also view your grades through your student account on D2L.

Student Expectations

  • Attend Dual Credit classes and show up on time
  • Submit all assignments on time to the best of your ability
  • Come prepared to class (e.g. books, pens, pencils, personal protective equipment)
  • Come to class with a positive attitude: be ready to learn
  • Meet expectations of your course as outlined by your faculty
  • If you will be absent or ill please email your College instructor to let them know ASAP
MISSED ASSIGNMENTS, DEADLINES AND TESTS   If you have missed any class work, homework assignments and/or tests please consult with your College faculty. By missing assignments or tests or not handing your work in on time, you could be jeopardizing both your college credit and your high school credit. If you know you will be absent for a Dual Credit class, please contact your College faculty before the class by email as soon as possible, to make other arrangements. Failing to make arrangements with your faculty before an assignment is due may result in a mark of zero.  ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY Attendance is closely related to success. If you have missed three or more classes, you may not be eligible to receive the College credit.  TEXTBOOKS AND SUPPLIES As a Dual Credit student you do not pay out of pocket for any of the costs related with your courses. Textbooks, tools and materials that are provided by the Dual Credit program become the property and responsibility of the student for the duration of the course and should be handed back in good condition for reuse by future students.  COURSE WITHDRAWAL If you are unsure that you will be able to complete the Dual Credit course, please let your high school teacher or College faculty know right away. Dual Credit students are required to complete a Dual Credit Drop Form. Without an official withdrawal, you will be considered as a registered student until the end of the course. The completed course drop form is a guarantee that you will not receive a zero as a final mark. The zero will stay permanently on your College record.  Note: You will receive a transcript if you drop a Dual Credit course with a mark of “W” for withdrawal. This will not impact admission to a post-secondary school or your GPA.  SNOW DAYS In the event of school bus cancellation due to a snow day, the Dual Credit class will be cancelled by the College faculty for that day and may be rescheduled in collaboration with the secondary school teacher.

College Services

Library – Access to computers, study rooms and quiet areas. DID YOU KNOW..... More than 20,000 students from across Ontario participate in Dual Credit courses each year? 11% of all first semester students at Fleming College have completed a Dual Credit either through Fleming or through another Ontario College.  Tutoring – Access to free on-campus tutoring services. This is a great way for you to ensure successful completion of your courses while you’re a College student. Career Centre – Provides professional assistance for you to research career paths, revamp your resume, find job opportunities, and practice your interview skills.  Indigenous Student Services – If you are of Indigenous (First Nation/Métis/ Inuit, non-status) descent, the Centre can help you stay connected with family, friends, and peers. They also provide support academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our Student Recruitment Office can provide you with an opportunity to be a student for a day. Get to see what being a Fleming College student is like: attend a class, explore the campus, and speak with faculty! Planning on applying to Fleming? Don’t forget to attend our Open House events in November and April to meet faculty, current students and program coordinators – we have staff who can even help you apply to College for FREE!  Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – Access to computers, printing, copying, finishing, and scanning. Fees may be applicable for printing. Food Services – The cafeteria is a place to grab a bite to eat or to hang out and do homework with classmates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who offers Dual Credit (DC) courses? Q: What are the pathways into a College program? A: DC courses are available at virtually every secondary school and college in Ontario. A: Fleming DC students, who are now attending a full-time program at the College, may be eligible to transfer their previously completed DC courses.  Q: What DC course(s) are offered at my school? A: DC courses vary from school to school and semester to semester. Contact your school Guidance or Student Success office for more information to their current program of study. Please visit the Registrar’s office or email if you have any questions about the transfer credit process.  Q: What are the General Education Courses? A: Some DC courses are General Education Electives that may satisfy the general education requirement across a variety of College programs. For more information:  Q: Can anyone sign up for a DC course? A: DC courses are offered to specifically identified students and entrance requirements for DC courses may vary by course, school or board. Your local guidance counselor can tell you what is available, what the requirements are, and can help you apply.  Q: How do I know which Fleming program my DC course can be used towards? A: Check out our website and search by DC course to find out which program you may be eligible for a transfer credit.  Q: How many DC courses can a student take? A: Students are allowed to have up to four college-delivered DC courses and an unlimited number of team-taught DC courses.  Q: What does it cost to take a DC? A: There are no costs for secondary school students attending a DC Course. Books and transportation are provided free of charge to all students attending regularly.  Q: How long is a DC course? A: College course hours vary. DC courses are usually delivered once or twice per week within the normal high school timetable. Travel time and required field trips may impact other secondary school courses in certain cases.  Q: Will my Fleming College DC apply at another College? A: In some cases, your Fleming College DC will apply to your course of study at another college. Contact the Office of the Registrar of the college you will attend for more information.  Q: Will a DC from another college be applicable at Fleming College? A: Depending on your program and the DC taken, it might. If you have taken a DC course at another College, please send a sealed official transcript and course outline to the Registrar’s Office ATTN: Transfer Credit Coordinator, along with a completed Transfer Credit Form. The Transfer Credit Form can be submitted by signing-in to myCampus and accessing the link under Student Self Serve Options > Transfer Credit Request.  Q: What do I do if I am going to be absent? A: If you are going to be absent you must contact your secondary school following the normal absence procedures. You should also notify your College faculty by email. Frequent absences will put the successful completion of the credit in jeopardy.  Q: Who do I contact if my questions wasn’t answered in this booklet? A: The Dual Credit Coordinator –

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