College Services

Library – Access to computers, study rooms and quiet areas. DID YOU KNOW..... More than 20,000 students from across Ontario participate in Dual Credit courses each year? 11% of all first semester students at Fleming College have completed a Dual Credit either through Fleming or through another Ontario College. Tutoring – Access to free on-campus tutoring services. This is a great way for you to ensure successful completion of your courses while you’re a College student. Career Centre – Provides professional assistance for you to research career paths, revamp your resume, find job opportunities, and practice your interview skills. Indigenous Student Services – If you are of Indigenous (First Nation/Métis/ Inuit, non-status) descent, the Centre can help you stay connected with family, friends, and peers. They also provide support academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our Student Recruitment Office can provide you with an opportunity to be a student for a day. Get to see what being a Fleming College student is like: attend a class, explore the campus, and speak with faculty! Planning on applying to Fleming? Don’t forget to attend our Open House events in November and April to meet faculty, current students and program coordinators – we have staff who can even help you apply to College for FREE! Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – Access to computers, printing, copying, finishing, and scanning. Fees may be applicable for printing. Food Services – The cafeteria is a place to grab a bite to eat or to hang out and do homework with classmates.